Art of War

Laying Plans

Choose your civilization wisely, considering the chosen map. Different civilizations excel in various environments; some thrive in closed spaces, while others dominate open terrains. If selecting your civilization second, assess your opponent’s weaknesses and adapt accordingly.

Waging War

A robust economy is the foundation of a mighty empire. Ensure to build a camp every turn and keep a keen eye on the resources necessary for your units and technologies.

The Plan of Attack

Every unit possesses unique strengths and weaknesses. Infantry units typically excel in damage or protection against specific foes but have restricted movement. Archers, with their ability to attack from a distance, can weaken infantry safely, but they must be cautious of cavalry units, which boast exceptional mobility and offense but are vulnerable to pole arms.

Tactical Dispositions

Though barracks may appear costly, they offer valuable forward control and additional training grounds for your units. Relying solely on your capital for training can hinder timely unit deployment on the battlefield.

Use of Energy

In times of war, losses of great warriors may occur, but remember, losing them doesn’t equate to losing the game.

Maneuvering an Army

Considering that many units have limited movement, plan your turns ahead and position your units strategically. Effective placement can help you pin down enemy units and weaken your opponent.

The Army on the March

Maintain map control by adopting an aggressive stance early on, forcing your opponent to react to your maneuvers. However, be cautious not to exhaust all your units in this initial frenzy.

Attack by Fire

Raze enemy camps! While this may not inflict direct damage on your opponent, it significantly weakens them, hindering their ability to deploy enough units to defend against your assaults.

The Use of Intelligence

As you gain experience with different civilizations, you’ll become better at anticipating your opponent’s moves. For instance, if they hoard resources, you can predict their potential reactions to your actions more accurately.